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March 17, 2019
What is wrong with the Apple quality these days? Never buying another one of these. Apple is expensive because it’s understood that it’s a premium product and you’re getting the best possible device for the money you invest. That’s why I’ve always bought their products. My Air 2 was great, lasted YEARS...I’ve dropped it. Accidentally fell asleep with it. I’ve travelled MILES with it; not so much as a hint of a fracture or splinter. I loved it but wanted the ability to draw so I bought this version. The screen feels CHEAP as hell and now I know why. It was dropped once from a small height and it spiderwebbed horribly in the corner but I taped it and it was fine although there were these really dangerous glass splinters left over. I bought another one in the meanwhile cause I thought, oh I’ll just be really careful with this new one. But the first one that fell is just deteriorating further with use and now I know why. It’s absolutely hollow beneath the screen. You tap on it and you can hear it. Now that my screen is falling apart, I can SEE it. And now my screen is a lawsuit waiting to happen. The glass dust could easily get into your eyes or be inhaled and do some real damage. I don’t think my Air 2 has this flaw. It’s solidly built. This is not. What a mistake that I heavily regret buying. It wasn’t even that much an improvement over my previous iPad. It’s just that I can draw on this one. T_T learn from my mistakes. Apple is going downhill. Not worth buying their new products.
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