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Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2019
My husband and I tried really hard to do anything to sleep better on this mattress. It came highly recommended by relatives so we were enthused when it first arrived. Not sure if we received a defective one, but here is out experience:

- As a 10” mattress, it never fully expanded (got to 8.4-9” after 72 hours, after 1 month it never rose any more than that)
- Began to sink in where we were sleeping. Even when we come back the next night before getting into bed, we see the softened spots.
- Terrible back support! It might work for certain body types, but I’m very thin and petite (<100lbs), my husband is average sized at 160 lbs and both of us began to have incredible lower back pain that got worse with every night since we started sleeping on this. For me, it was so bad that while shopping the other night, I had to hold my back from the pain. I do prefer firmer beds— another foam mattress I’ve used had a more firm base and less cushion foam padding on the top, and I preferred that much more to this Zinus mattress that sinks you in and “supports” in all the wrong places. It was definitely disrupting the natural arch of my back.
- FYI, the Full size mattress is a few inches too wide. It was large on the full size platform frame and my fitted sheets strained to stretch the entire width. If you get a full, you won’t want a bed frame with sides because you won’t be able to fit it in.

Needless to say, threw this Zinus mattress out gladly as our new, firmer mattress came in the mail from.. somewhere else :). (And my back pain from this Zinus mattress has disappeared! So happy!)

Anyway, I can’t recommend this for thin, petite people or people with sensitive backs who prefer firmer beds with less forceful “support” that digs into the natural arch of your back. But if you have a completely different body type like the relatives who recommended the mattress and loved it, then this might be for you.
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