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Reviewed in the United States on December 29, 2018
Initial observations -
Purchased to jump start my Corvette 6.2 L engine that requires 700A, so high capacity was a requirement.
The unit is well made of quality materials.
The battery clamps are sturdy and constructed using steel pivot pins instead of being made from molded plastic - should resist any inadvertent accidents.
The included 12V cigarette lighter receptacle is handy for many portable tire inflators, vacuum cleaner or other accessories requiring that connection.
LED flashlight is BRIGHT
USB and USB 3.0 quick charge output ports
The hard case container is well made and keeps all the bits in one place. It is a bit larger than I expected, but very solid.
The four LED charging indicator can be seen easily across the room. The LCD screens on many other jump starters look nice and suggest "high tech", but require close up observation to determine charge state. If the battery is charged to THREE LEDs, that's adequate for my use... I have no desire to go over to the unit and activate the LCD to know it's actually 72% charged...
YouTube videos demonstrate using the unit which is so simple a cave man could do it...
A bit pricey at $90 retail, but was discounted through Amazon and coupons to a reasonable price.
User manual font requires a microscope to read. Good luck with that on the proverbial "dark and stormy night"
Charging to 100% out of the box took an entire day on standard USB charger. A 3A charger is necessary to get reasonable charging times.
Not a con per se, but it uses USB C connector for charging. A short USB C cord is included, but a longer cord, extension or USB C adapter required if more distance needed for charging.
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4.6 out of 5
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