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Reviewed in the United States on April 7, 2017
I don't normally review items but this thing has absolutely blown me away.

I purchased the 7000 joules model, which, clearly states it is not intended for multi battery systems like what is found on a commercial semi truck. I get to work the other day only to find that my battery(s) on my commercial truck were dead. My employers heavy as hell "portable" jump box, which weighs probably 40 lbs doesn't even have enough oomph to even make the truck try to crank over. I decided to give this thing a go even though it states it isn't intended for my setup. After hooking it up, I crossed my fingers and tried to start the truck. Without hesitation the truck cranked over and started right up. I then had to use it on my trailer motor and again, it provided enough power to jumpstart the motor. On top of that all, it only required no more than 4 hours to recharge from a completely drained state to full when charging FROM MY CIGARETTE LIGHTER!!!

I think NOCO puts mini unicorns in these things because it is some kind of magical wizardry that make these things work as phenomenally as they do. I still can't believe something barely larger than my cell phone started my 36,000 lb, 4 battery semi truck.
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