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February 28, 2018
Goody and Grant have achieved perfect harmony as collaborators: in A Spell in the Country, they write as one. It's well plotted, perfectly paced, fluent, and witty. Fans of the Clovenhoof and Oddjobs series will recognize G & G's signature gentle humor, which tends toward the slap-stick and absurd and is never mean-spirited. They may also note a swerve away from the bawdiness and light-hearted crudeness of earlier novels. The humor here is more situational and social; and scenes that draw comic energy from our shared experience of the body aim high rather than low. There's not much here for 12-year-old boys. Some adult readers, though, may miss the savage social satire and wacky riffs on organized religion that give Clovenhoof and Oddjobs their particular pungency.
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