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Reviewed in the United States on March 30, 2021
When I first ordered this book I was super excited. Everybody told me the Selection series is super good, but I have to disagree. Although I see where the author was headed with this book, I feel as if the execution of the book came out wrong. It turned out to be overall pretty degrading towards women. I absolutely was revolted from the idea of 35 women competing for one man's attention (basically being based on looks) in result of them leading a country and becoming queen. Yes, before reading the book I was aware of the plot being somewhat like the bachelor/ bachelorette but I did not think the characters would be so air-headed. I thought it was pretty degrading towards women considering the fact that for one, the women must be “pure” before coming into the selection, the girls being selected is basically based on their looks, the girls having to compete with one another for the attention of a man, and doing things solely for the satisfaction from the prince. The whole book was basically a bunch of gas-lighting left and right between a prince, a solider, and hopeless girl. But I did indeed finish the book in 1 day, not in a good way though. It's the type of book where the storyline is horrible but you NEED to finish the book to figure out what's going to happen at the end. Surprise! The ending was even worse then I imagined, it was completely rushed. Like seriously? There needs to be a whole other book for the remaining 6 girls? I had so much hope for this book but it turned out to be an absolute bust. Overall I am beyond disappointed.
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