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Reviewed in the United States on February 21, 2018
I waited to review this product until I'd seen my dentist, who gave me the thumbs up and assured me that I hadn't harmed my enamel or anything else by using this pen. :) I purchased the pen about 2 weeks before my regular 6-month cleaning appointment and used it as directed...well, less than directed. I'm in my mid-fifties, and my teeth were stained from a LOT of coffee through the decades. They had a yellowish cast to them and were darker towards my gums. I wasn't after paper-white teeth or that weird bluish-white color; I just wanted them to be their natural ivory again, without the discoloration towards the base. This product really delivered. I saw a noticeable lessening of the yellowy tinge and the stains after the first use. By the third use, all stains (ALL) were just gone. My teeth were a healthy ivory again and the color was consistent all the way to the gum line. I didn't experience any burning or irritation at all on my gums, but I can't speak for someone else's sensitivity. The pen is crazy simple to use: A couple of turns of the clicky base, paint your tooth/teeth, and done. No trays. No light. No strips. I especially liked the precise nature of the little brush: Once I was happy with my teeth overall, I concentrated on just painting my canines (which were a little darker than the rest of my teeth). It evened them out beautifully. Note(s): This gel is clear and so is the brush, so don't make the mistake of thinking that there's no gel on your brush and get all click-happy. Give it a second to coat the brush before you rotate the base too many times and end up with a big old glob on the brush. Also, as my dentist pointed out to me, my happiness with the pen was because I wasn't expecting blinding white teeth. I just wanted the stains gone, which it did thoroughly and easily. I didn't even use the pen twice daily for 2 weeks: I felt like great results were achieved after just a few days. If my teeth start to get discolored again, I'll use the brush again for touch-ups. I don't expect that as I'm using a whitening OTC rinse now which seems to work just fine for "maintenance." Excellent product at an affordable price!
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