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July 3, 2019
The story starts off with the terrorist group KSF who were identified in the 1st story. There is an assignation attempt on Nick Bracco who was instrumental in the death of the KSF leader 8 years earlier.

As retribution, KSF has put out hit contracts on the members of Nick's team. At the same time that the attempt on Nick was done, one of the other members on his team was killed. In D.C. there was a Russian assassin that handle killing 3 other members besides the 1st one.

KSF had a plan for a terror event in Arizona that wad kill a great deal of people unless the U.S. Government pulled their armed forces from Turkey.

With the assistance of his cousin and his partners Matt and Steele they had a time constrant where they needed to locate the KSF leader and determine where the event was to occur. In order to find out what happens, you need to read the book which I highly recommend.
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4.6 out of 5 stars