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The manufacturer commented on the review belowReviewed in the United States on March 26, 2020
• Remote access has too many hurdles to set up and then is hit or miss once it is set up
• USB backups can’t be encrypted
• System locked up 2 out of 5 days, turning off anti-virus helped but then there is no anti-virus protection
• Lack of available applications

• Decent performance for file storage
• Internal drives can be encrypted
• Anti-virus software hung the device so it had to be turned off/re-booted. Since it was locked up and there is no power switch it involved crawling under the desk and pulling the plug from the back of the UPS
• External USB backups can’t be encrypted
• Remote access is wonky at best. You have to jump through hoops to set it up; access from a browser doesn’t work. Edge is not supported at all and IE and Chrome just plain don’t work. Access on Android using their app is hit or miss
• You may need to go into your Windows setup to add SMB protocol as it is off by default in Windows 10.
I purchased the diskless model as I have disks that I was moving from a 4 disk enclosure. At the price point, a mini PC
would be a more powerful solution for not much more money IF you already have a keyboard and monitor. Keep in mind that I already have the disks and I purchased this diskless. Also keep in mind that setting up a PC for file sharing and remote access does require either expertise or research. A PC also allows for setting up a web server if you are so inclined. If all you want to do is share files and don’t care that USB backups are not encrypted, this is pretty easy to set up.

Update - if you are up for a project, Raspberry Pi4 with Open Media Vault blows the doors off this thing.
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