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Reviewed in the United States on October 31, 2017
When I first received the umbrella I was really excited. It looked sturdy and I really liked the design of the inverted umbrella. But, on the third rainy day that I used it, one of the spokes snapped. I tried opening the umbrella like normal and I just heard this crack. There was no way to fix it or open the umbrella ever again.

Update: 11/4/17

Nancy the seller contacted me immediately after I posted my review. She apologized for the defect and sent me a replacement right away with a nice note in it. So, have my umbrella back. It looks like it normal. I opened and closed it a couple of times to see if everything seemed fine and so far. I hope this new one lasts but only time will tell.

It is a great design but unfortunately if one of the spokes ever broke for whatever reason it's impossible to repair. The inverted design does keep you dry and the C handle really does come in handy. On an unrelated note, I broke one of my hands before I bought my original umbrella. I really appreciated the C handle because I could hook a small grocery bag on it if I needed to.
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