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The manufacturer commented on the review belowReviewed in the United States on July 13, 2020
Very dangerous product to someone who is sensitive to b vitamins.
I’m a long time consumer of energy drinks, used to several Rockstars or Bangs every day as I work very long night shifts in a very busy environment.
I had HALF of one of these drinks on my way to work ( had two cups of coffee and a 100 mg Guarana pill prior) when my heartbeat all of a sudden sky rocketed and I started feeling very ill going 50 mph on the Highway.
I felt myself passing out and pulled over.
Luckily I did not crash my car.
The Biotin level in these drinks is dangerously high.
I am sensitive to b vitamins which is why I can’t drink any energy shots or the like with mass amounts of b vitamins.
Little did I know that biotin would do the same .
Be extremely careful when consuming this product!!
I want to add that I DO NOT have this reaction to the Celsius powder version of this drink.
Use extreme caution!!
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