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May 5, 2019
Disclaimer: First two were my fault (oops).
The screen protector is easy to install but it would not be aligned precisely which bothered me. It bothered me so much that I went through the first two pretty quickly because I would peel them off and try to put them back on correctly. However, it didn't really work in my favor because lint would get on the sticky part.

After that, I gave up and just aligned it to how the template had it. Less than two weeks later, my phone fell out of my pocket and dropped on the floor. It was not a big fall since I was crouching, but the screen protector cracked (and kept slowly cracking for the rest of the day). I still have the third one on currently but the starting point of the crack is at the top middle-left corner. It separates into three different directions but the longest one stops at the far right where the volume line would be if you were playing music.

Not super mad because for this price, the quality is to be expected. They have not responded to my warranty request/email and so I will be investing in a better, more durable screen protector.

P.S, though I do not get glares off my screen, I do get smudges.
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