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June 29, 2017
How dense can this girl be? Seriously, I wasn't expecting this movie to be award winning by any means, but I was hoping for a little entertainment. The only entertainment I found was shaking my head at how this girl even made it to her senior year. So here's a quick and satirical synopsis.

SPOILERS: so, Sam is a popular girl who's best friends with a terrible Regina George type who torments their saddest and and loneliest classmates (because they're artsy and their drawings are done in coal? Huh?). Sam relives the most annoying day ("cupid day?" is that a millennial thing?) over and over which ends in the school's pariah committing suicide. We watch Sam every, same day literally just standing by, while narrating "no matter what I did differently everything always ended the same." Sigh, except she barely does anything differently. She is a complicit bully, who lacks self awareness and if we're being honest really has no critical thinking skills or time management skills. Make use of your damn day, girl, do some research or at least try to do something that isn't completely in your own self interest.

It's not until her last day, that she even asks "why do we hate and torment that (outcast) girl?" So ridiculous, because she wastes her very last day and it culminates on the brink of the school outcast's suicide. Sam ends up pushing the girl out of the way of the truck and taking the hit. So Sam dies a martyr with no more guilt of being an A-hole, because she changed a few things ONE day. The last words we hear are the outcast say "you saved me" to which narrating Sam says "no, you saved me."

Uhhh yeah, right. Lets fast forward a day or two, when everyone really bullies this poor outcast girl for being inadvertently responsible and having overwhelming guilt over Sam's death. We all know how that ends, she'll end up fulfilling her suicide plan regardless, because she is even more lonely, depressed, and has no support system. Perhaps the book is better? However, I doubt it.
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