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Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2019
I bought this iPad as Christmas gift for myself and together with the apple pencil I was planning on using them for a more productive semester at school. One day I put this iPad on the table(about 1.65 foot tall) and it dropped shortly after I left because of imbalance. I didn't even think what was about to happen as I used my iPad Air(first Generation) for years and it dropped multiple times from place much higher than this table. When I went check my iPad, I was shocked, the entire screen was broken, the tiny glass pieces falling off and cut my finger. I couldn't believe this screen being this fragile, if this wasn't me but a young kid I couldn't able to imagine how bad things could turn to. Apple shouldn't allow its product to has screen this fragile, it's definitely a safety concerns for all its consumers. I called Apple and hope they can help me, the people whom answered my phone call keep telling me there is nothing they can do, and my only option is to replace my screen for 249.99 (yes, exactly how much I got this iPad). This whole thing is so ridiculous, I've never seen a electronic product being this fragile. For all of you thinking about buying this product, please make sure you got yourself a case, for your own safety.
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