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Reviewed in the United States on June 30, 2016
I just had AT&T Gigapower service installed. After 2 weeks, a storm hit my area, and the AT&T router was fried. Along with it also knocked out 2 of my managed 24 port Gigabit switches connected to the router. AT&T came over and replaced the router, but refused to accept responsibility for the damages to my network equipment. I looked at the crappy job AT&T did, and found out that they DID NOT ground the cable coming into the house. They also DID NOT even have a 3 prong power supply on their ONT device in my garage. The repair guy told me that they go out and replace the damaged routers after every storm, because of the cheap installation equipment. I am still having a dispute with AT&T over their poor installation ability.
In the main time, I do not want another storm to knock out my network again, so I need a good surge protector for this "unprotected" network.
I tried many RJ45 type of network surge protectors. Most of them are only rated for CAT5 connections, and would not be able to connect anything above 100Mbit network. I saw this product, and decided to give it a try.
Other cheap pass through devices would not even register the connection properly. This neat little gadget was able to register gigabit connection right away! I made a grounding wire out of an old computer power cord, and plugged into a 5000j surge protector.
I tested network speed at speedtest website. Upload speed at 915-950 Mbit, and download speed at about the same range.
For reliable gigabit ethernet surge protection, this is the real deal. It is unfortunate that consumer has to go out of the way to fix the inadequate installation of a big network giant like AT&T. I feel sorry for average user who are not electronically inclined, and had to deal with the consequences of a bucks of cost cutting.
If you have "unprotected" installation from AT&T, you should get this and avoid hundreds of hours of frustration going through their support and claim process. That is a story for another time...
See attached photos of before and after my installation to fix what AT&T refused to address.
Have a question? Just ask me, and I will answer to the best of my knowledge.
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