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Reviewed in the United States on January 8, 2019
Orangesicle = WORST FLAVOR EVER. My whole face winced and tightened up on every SIP it was so disgusting. It wasn't rancid or tainted or anything as far as I could tell, it's just that the flavor profile is so poor and tastes nothing like orange, orange-cream, or anything bearable as a flavor that it has my body reacting to the taste of it so strongly. They don't give af at corporate either since they just told me to not buy a case up front online and that I should've bought the assorted flavor case instead (which, to this day, is STILL "Not Available"). stupid since this flavor is the cheapest by a good margin (and Apple flavor is repulsive, oh hey, just noticed they jacked the price of Orangesicle up by abotu $5 from when I bought it)...but that seems to be indicative of the truly rectum grade flavor they conconcted and let through their development team somehow....just who in the flying effing heck could let something this off-target and unpalatable get out to market? Truly garbage stuff. It tastes like if you boiled your grandpa's fart infested couch if you left a orange hardcandy behind the cushion and strained it out. If you think you want to try out Celcius on the cheap (low 20's instead of high 20's/low 30's, dollars that is) just SKIP ORANGESICLE. You will not be able to choke this garbage down. It is so dang awful. Just don't do it.

Also, it makes my kidneys burn. I'm not sure what to make of this. I only drink one per day (of Tangerine Grapefruit, decent, could be stronger/sour/sweeter, oddly enough) and by day-four I noticed my kidneys would feel "lit up" and have an uncomfortable slightly painful burning sensation for about 3-4 hours starting about an hour after drinking at least half of one can. I stopped after day-four for a day, then tried it again, same thing. I waited three days during which time the burning continued then tried one more can, and same thing. It's now been about 7 days since I last drank this product and I still get several hours a day of this burning kidney-region pain on and off. I don't have any issues that would cause this and it started distinctly when I began consuming this product. I drink other caffeinated beverages so it's not a caffeine sensitivity and I've used citrulline malate before. This is just all kinds of alarming. This is a problem I'm going to contact them about. Citrulline malate and caffeine shouldn't do this. Something is wrong with this product and I think I'm due a refund. Feel free to contact me if you read this, CELCIUS.
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