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Reviewed in the United States on November 30, 2018
This is a perfectly good BP monitor, but you cannot use the Bluetooth without giving Omron the right to use your private medical data. Using the Bluetooth requires agreeing to Omron’s TOS/EULA/Privacy Policy. Say what? Yes, using Bluetooth connectivity (the whole reason I bought it), requires setting up an account through the Omron app. No big deal, EXCEPT: you can only set up an account by agreeing to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that allow Omron *and* its affiliates and partners to use your medical information for just about any purpose it wants. That includes your name, BP, pulse, other information it gathers, including your location and any other medical data it gleans. I will not accuse Omron of a scam, but I think it approaches deceitful conduct to market a tangible product as having a particular function without warning of the need to enter into an intrusive agreement in order to use that function. This is the last Omron product I will ever buy.
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