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May 11, 2018
These bulbs are about the cheapest you can find, which is good and bad. It's good because they're cheap and for the most part they work. Now that LED bulbs are this cheap there is really no reason for them not to completely replace almost all incandescent and CFL bulbs. But there are some warnings: these bulbs don't work well in light circuits controlled by an illuminated switch because the current draw for the little neon bulb that lights up the switch is enough to light up these bulbs to a low glow even when "off", causing an annoying and noticeable illumination at night. I've seen this problem with other LED bulbs but not to this degree. Unfortunately for me, most of my house uses illuminated switches. Based on my experience, dimmable LED bulbs seem to work better on circuits with illuminated switches. Also of note is that there is conflicting information provided about the expected lifetime of these bulbs - in some places it says 10,000 hours at 3 hrs per day, in other places it claims 30,000 hours. The usual and expected lifetime for a standard LED bulbs these days is 30,000 hours at 3 hours per day. If these bulbs start flaming out at 10K hours then instead of being cheaper they will have cost 3 times what other bulbs cost. I guess we'll see, but be aware.
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