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January 24, 2012
With Resolution, Lamb of God once again evolves their sound and improves their already volatile range. Being a fan from the start, I can say this album is the finest evolution of their sound. Mark Morton and Willie Adler bring on the crunching guitar riffs, Chris Adler is in top-form as always on drums, John Campbell gives it that awesome groove, and Randy Blythe has never sounded better. Combine that, and this is a top-notch metal band I look forward to seeing live yet again.

Their previous two efforts, Wrath and Sacrament, were great in their ways--Sacrament had them intense as ever but a bit more mainstream, and Wrath was simply an angry album--something about both of those albums felt missing. With Resolution, Lamb of God retains the anger and intensity, while at the same time taken aback to the old days of playing high-energy metal.

I found myself loving literally every tune. From the beginning Straight for the Sun and Desolation, to the epic closer King Me, if you're a LoG fan like me you'll be banging your head to the entire album and immediately telling your pals about the sweet new CD you've picked up.

Resolution will definitely be played often in the next year, I can tell.
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