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Reviewed in the United States on May 4, 2018
One of the best low price/high quality food you can give your dog. I wouldn't feed mine any "big name brand" food. If you look at pet food labels, you will see words like "by product", "meal" or "digest". When you see a word that you don't recognise, look it up and become more choisie for your pet. And don't buy foods that use chemical dyes. Look up the dyes in your dog food. If the food is colored red or yellow or green, take the time to see what those dyes do. The "big brand" companies could get the same red coloring with beet powder that is at least some small protein content rather than the expensive chemical dyes. If we eat those red beets at Thanksgiving, they can easily color your dog food. After all, we get to choose what we eat. Most pets don't.
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