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Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2019
Where do I begin. This company has horrible horrible horrible customer service. Anything to them is an inconvenience and always sound annoyed. Every time I call Amazon they transferred me to them and they asked for pictures, videos, "proof" and all this and all that through email. They say they will call me back when they get the email. I NEVER receive a response! The brushes get damaged so quickly. I've had it for over two weeks and I have gone through two brush set . The main brush is also tore up already. Keep in mind Cordey says that you should replace these every 6 to 8 months it has been two weeks. After the 1st 4 days I had to replace the 1st set! And yes I make sure to pick up big pieces of trash, clothes, paper and make sure to remove everything that could be a obstruct it. What was Coredy customer service rep solution? To use the additional brushes that came with the robot, that were ment for me to use 6 months from now. I informed rep that I'm bummed bc now I'm out these brushes and it seem like I will need to replace the brushes every week. That's a bit too high maintenance and will eventually get expensive. No empathy was show. He said the next brushes will do better. How does he know that!? Well they didn't and I called back. And back to square one. Additionally, the robot gets stuck in random places and can't find his way out. It cant even find his way back to the charging port. I have to physically pick it up and take it back so I can charge. I don't feel at ease leaving it on a timed cleaning cycle because I'm scared it's going to get stuck somewhere and get damaged and perhaps void my warranty on it (if that even means anything because they don't help you regardless) or damage something of mine. For two hundred bucks I really expected more out of this. At least halfway removed the chore of sweeping. But instead I have an extra chore of watching this damn robot like a child! It doesn't even clean in a specific pattern it goes everywhere and skips all kinds of areas in my living room and kitchen. I'm thinking maybe it needs a couple of weeks to adjust but it's been over two! The picture attached is after 4 days of light use 😒

March 18, 2019
So it appears that Coredy monitors these reviews and called me today with a different tone and better solution. They will be shipping me new brushes. I'm still waiting on a confirmation email with tracking for said brushes. Fingers crossed! They also asked if I could remove negativity review I informed I would update it. ✔️Done
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