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September 15, 2017
I have been using this Travelambo Womens RFID Blocking Wallet for three months. It has been carried alone, as a small carry-around "purse", and
has also been shoved, roughly at times, into a much larger purse. (I have not been gentle with it.) I am amazed that I don't see any signs of wear on the edges, the corners, the card slots, or on the zippers! I often carry this wallet , instead of a larger purse, while I walk for a mile or two, go shopping, or when I am visiting friends. When I use the wallet as a small hand purse, I fasten my house keys and house alarm remote control to one zipper pull, and my car keys and auto remote to the other zipper pull. That should stress the zippers and their pulls, but, so far, I see no sign of stress or damage. Similar wallets, that I have hand-carried as often as I have this one, sometimes have shown a slight discoloration from hand lotions on the outside. The dye on my wallet still is in perfect condition ... no sign of hand-marks or scratches after three months of less-than-gentle treatment. In these days of ID theft, I really appreciate knowing that my credit cards are protected from unscrupulous persons with RFID readers!
There are 8 credit card slots on each side of the wallet, for a total of 16 slots in all. The zippered compartments are large enough for a regular-sized cell phone (with a normal case) to fit in. (My cell phone is larger than most, an LG V20, with a heavy-duty case, and does not fit. My former phone, an Apple 6, would have fit.) The wallet closes securely with the snap and strap that is at the long end of the wallet in addition to the snaps and second strap that go across the top of the wallet. Even though I have consistently over-stuffied ths wallet, the straps have never popped off the snaps. The bright purple color makes it easy to locate my wallet in the depths of my largest purses. The artificial "leather" is flexible and seems strong. I have not yet discovered any flaws in the material or stitching of this wallet. The wallet appears to be well constructed.

With so many pluses, why didn't I give this wallet 5 stars? The credit card slots are really snug, requiring, at times, a bit too much effort to wrestle the card out of each slot. (I solved that problem by inserting one or two credit cards into each slot the long way, rather than horizontally, as is normally done. Thus, for me, the snuggness of the credit card slots is a minor problem. I have a total of 18 credit [or similar] cards, plus 9 or 10 business cards in those slots. My wallet is definitely well-stuffed!) Each half of the wallet is about 6 3/4 inches long ... long enough to comfortably hold unfolded dollar bills or a top-bound set of checks (without a cover). However, the zipper openings are only 5 1/4 inches long, which means that you have to carefully guide the 6' long unfolded dollar bills into their slot in order to avoid crunching them up. (Folded bills fit in easily.) I do carry a check book (bound along the top edge, but without a cover) and a pen in the other side. However, it is difficult and time-consuming to manuever and wrestle the 6" long check book, with its stiff upper-edge binding, into the 6 3/4" wide slot through the 5 1/4" wide zipper opening. (I easily slip a pen into the check book slot, as well.) Zippers that open the full length of the pockets would be a major improvement. The zippers appear to be of good quality and strong. They are just about an inch too short.

In summary, I find that the Travelambo Womens RFID Blocking Wallet securely holds all of the things that I need to fulfill most daily errands. (Credit cards, driver's license, medical card, business cards, pen, checkbook [inserted with difficulty, as noted above], cash, keys [attached to the zipper tabs], receipts ... all easily carried in my hand without needing a purse.) I really appreciate the security of the built-in RFID protection! The wallet still looks like new, even after three months of relatively rough use. Extending the zippers the full length of the zippered pockets would facilitate the use of the two very secure long compartments. If you do not mind folding your dollar bills in half and using two secure 6 3/4" zippered compartments with 5 3/4" long openings, then I fully recommend this wallet. This well-made wallet is one of the best that I have ever had! I am glad that I purchased this wallet and will likely purchase several more for gifts and for my own future use. I recommend the Travelambo Womens RFID Blocking Billfold.
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