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February 25, 2012
Before ordering this 4 pack, I did a test run with a single pack which I ordered directly from Seventh Gen. Yes, the diapers are beige and a little stiffer than the big brand standard diapers, but anyone who has used Seventh Generation diapers before are used to that. The tabs on these diapers are no different than the Seventh Generation diapers. We haven't problems with the tabs coming undone on their own. These overnight diapers definitely have more padding than the regular Seventh Generation diapers. I have a little boy, and he's been waking up wet at night with the Earth's Best diapers. I've been reading reviews about overnight diapers, and to be honest, no diaper is perfect. Between the chemical burn/sensitivity issues with DryMax and the gel deposits from other diapers, I stayed away from the other brands. I was so glad one of the more eco/baby-friendly brands developed an overnight. So, how did they perform? Out of the 24 nights we used these diapers, our son only woke up wet through his pajamas twice. Mind you, those times happened on nights we gave him water in the middle of the night for his cough. He is 24 lbs 6 oz and has been wearing size 3 diapers, but these stage 4 diapers were fine. We are very pleased with these diapers, and after our trial run, I've gone ahead and set up a subscription for these diapers.
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