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Reviewed in the United States on May 3, 2019
Okay usually I give the benefit of the doubt to books especially pretty over the top dramatic books, corny books, dark erotica books, etc. But this one is probably one of the lowest of the bunch when it comes to what relationships are like. I get it's everyone's own fantasy but the sad thing is, there are relationships out there like this one. The first book was okay. Yes I guess I saw the connection between Hardin and Christian but I more related to their story with Abby and Travis (from beautiful disaster) more than 50 shades. However, there is one thing Travis did in my opinion something that Hardin never does and that is he respects Abby. He may fly off the handle and yes they dont have a perfect relationship but IT is way better than this... whatever this is between Hardin and Tessa.


If you are in a relationship where, you cant even freaking speak to one another civilly, you should cut your losses. Let's get something completely clear, Hardin and Tessa have only been together for maybe like five months max and theyve had more ups and downs than my own relationship and Ive been with my husband since freshman year of highschool and weve had less drama. Never went on a date but decided oh it would be great to you know just live together even though Hardin is sooo violent. I'll be damned if my husband started cussing me out, told me to shut up and broke things in our house. Who are you dating? I wish she wouldve ended up with Trevor or even Zed at least Zed makes mistakes but doesnt yell at her. Hardin even runs away to England instead of talking to her. Who does that? Please do not have a relationship like this. This is the text book definition of toxic. I swear listen to Rihanna and Eminem's "I love the way you lie" its the same thing and its an easier listen.
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