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March 7, 2019
I have never written a negative review for any purchase before, but, in this case, I feel like I’ve been had by a duplicate, haphazardly rewording of her last book. If you already read Girl, Wash Your Face, this book was a sad waste of money. It is almost like the same book, but thrown together haphazardly. [I listened to it on Audible; so, my review may not show as a verified purchase.] I actually loved Girl, Wash Your Face, but, I sadly feel that becoming a New York Time’s best selling writer has gone to Rachel’s head in a really bad way. She was sweet in Girl, Stop Apologizing, but now she comes off as horribly obnoxious. Even on her morning show, she is so rude and disrespectful toward her husband. I’d rather be poor and humble than rich and rude. This is a great example of how success isn’t everything, not if you lose all sense of dignity along the way, and to call her husband her “emotional support animal.” Oh my gosh. How horribly degrading.

Rachel, you seriously need to take a super long break, and, yes, APOLOGIZE, first to your husband. He is amazing. You found a wonderful man who deserves much higher regard from you. Few men in this world support their wives to the extent that he has supported you. Second, apologize to your readers for spending their money on a book with virtually nothing new, even within the pages of this new book, you repeat things, perhaps to get your word count in that you so often speak of. It’s an insult to your followers. Third, you need to apologize to your poor parents, tearing them apart publicly the way you do. What happened to “Honor your mother and father?” Would you like your children to publicize your every flaw?

This book made me so sad, sad to see so much self-indulgence above all else. No one matters, just me, me, me, me.

I actually feel sorry for you, Rachel. Your priorities are so misaligned.
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