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Reviewed in the United States on October 12, 2018
My father was a survivor, so when I read Holocaust fiction very often I have trouble with authenticity. I made my father tell me his stories over and over so I could remember them. Reading Lale Eisenberg's story brought all those memories rushing back.
Lale Eisenberg was a survivor who managed to find a way to live each day. With his ability to speak several languages, he was able to cheat death by being useful. My father used this same tool to make it through the brutality of the camps.
I found Lale's story gut-wrenching and completely authentic. Reading about his experiences reminded me of my father's recountings of camp life. Several times I had to put the book down when Lale's words echoed my father's. The phrase that he would volunteer for any job saved his life, time and time again. My father always volunteered knowing that was the one thing that probably saved him from the crematorium.
Even the harrowing story about the men carrying rocks from one field to another until they dropped dead from exhaustion was a story he told me many times.
Lale's generosity and quick-thinking got him through the horror that was Auschwitz. His love for Gita maintained his humanity.
***SPOILER*** I knew my dad too was "rescued" by soldiers. American soldiers liberated him and because of his ease with multiple languages, he too was asked to bring them entertainment. Imagine my surprise when I realized just what the entertainment was. All this time, I thought he brought them singers.
I remember watching Schindler's List with my dad and I asked, was it realistic? He shook his head. He said nothing could come close to describing the horrors of the Holocaust, but the movie was close. This book came as close to the memories of the stories I have left from my father and I will never forget Lale and Gita's story either.
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