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May 21, 2019
Unit is great, and ultra-great for the price.

The toothbrush, at this point, (6 weeks of using it daily and heavily),
seems quite amazing and ESPECIALLY for
1. the price and then the additional
2. small profile and
3. usb charging, meaning it's
4. EASILY portable and can be taken,
easily, on camping or backpacking trips. (the charge seems to last a long time so, while
i'm not reading the specs right now, on significant trips one would not need to recharge and
then a simple small power supply like used for one's iphone etc. would work, or obviously
a small solar charger).

I am used to the highly regarded and National Institute of Health tested,
Philips Sonicare which I've used since they were introduced. So that's my base
of comparison.

The one thing I would be curious about is any "peer reviewed articles", simply meaning
scientific reviews done on this unit, as I believe the NIH (National Institute of Health, a government
organization) in fact as comparative scientific studies they've done on the Philips Sonicare and other

Therefore, the one thing I cannot speak about is if the unit is super healthy over long use, as opposed
to being too abrasive, or too soft, or some other variable. Please note: I'm just mentioning it
doesn't have the benefit of decades of clinical testing. There is NO reason to assume it is too abrasive
(they provide extra brush heads including a soft version, "free" meaning part of the price of the unit,
whereas buying extra brush heads for a Sonicare can be as expensive as the unit itself, (their
entry level unit).

In the meantime though, and because I am often very poor, this unit has SAVED THE DAY!

Also, should I get another Sonicare, this unit can then be both a back up for camping or traveling (hotel use etc.),
or the body cleaned and sanitized with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide,
and the (amazingly generously provided) extra brush heads (or one of them),
can be put on the toothbrush and it makes a great "Guest Toothbrush" should one have a guest who forgot
their toothbrush.

In all cases I love the unit, it was/is a "life saver" or a "tooth saver", as my Sonicare had finally died of old age,
🙂 and I did not have enough to buy a new one.

Thanks so much!
Rory White.
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