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Reviewed in the United States on July 19, 2020
I have a car that doesn’t have bluetooth, and have an Ipad Pro. I drive roughly 2 hours a day, and use my Spotify account to listen to music. I have been connecting my ipad to the car using a cord connected to the USB port. The sound is super crisp and loud. I actually hear better in my car, using this method, than using my Senheisser pxc550. I explain all this so I can put my review into a proper context.
I am not a super tech geek, or a musician, or anything. I just love music and have enjoyed it all my life. That’s it.
So after years of suing the cord connected to the car, grew annoyed with having to have the massive ipad at hand, since the cord isn’t so long. My ipad has ended up flying all over in more than one occasion. Also, lately the connection became moody and works only sometimes. Now THAT drives me nuts. So one day, out of sheer frustration bought this device, ready to give my previous method a rest.
Excited received it and connected it right away. Super easy to set. As easy as 1,2,3! Then I played a first song... First I though Spotify had changed the file for Immigrant Song, so moved to the next one. M83....what? No sound!!!! Until I realize there was some sound...just very quiet. Bumped the volume almost to the max, only to realize the sound quality was poor in the very best case. Connected it again to the cord just to compare it. Oh no... the difference in the loudness and the sound quality was obscene.
I came back to the reviews other customers have left and followed all the instructions, recommendations, you name it. What a tedious enterprise to scout through techy reviews! Tried it all to reach the sad conclusion that the device has to go. I could keep it and risk to drain the battery of the car if the sound quality was alright. But I keep hearing in the back of my head the loud tremendous sound of my hated cord...
I’m sure if people wants this to connect their phone to the speakers of the car to talk on the phone, or to listen to a pod cast or to listen anything else, it would be fine, but as I want to listen to music, after years of being picky about my sound devices, I just cannot keep it. Not even for the price. Sorry guys.
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