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Reviewed in the United States on April 19, 2020
This review is for the 3-pack Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner. I've had this product installed for almost 30 days in a toilet that gets used 4-5 times daily. Before installing it, I thoroughly cleaned the toilet bowl. I followed all the instructions that came with the product, except for the comment that said, "No need to remove the protective film which is soluble in water." It wasn't dissolving, and it was in conflict with the statement that said, "leave the cleaner in place for at least 10 minutes to dissolve sufficiently until water gets blue", so I removed the clear protective film, and it started to dissolve as expected.

After about 21 days, I started to notice the bowl developing pink stains along the walls and stain buildup around the water line. After 26 days, it's definitely not keeping the bowl clean. I noticed a lot of the reviews seem fixated about the water turning blue. I can attest that it does turn the water blue, but who cares if the water turns blue if it's not keeping the bowl clean?

With regard to scent, there's no overpowering scent from using this product, submerged in the corner of the toilet tank; however, the two remaining unused products, which I kept stored in the bathroom cabinet, released a completely overpowering smell. I fixed that problem by sealing them in a Ziploc storage bag. This isn't a complaint. I'm just stating a fact and a tip for how to resolve the problem.

You need to be EXTREMELY careful when removing the product from the tank. It's like a slippery grenade dripping royal blue ink all over the place. Mine made a giant mess all over the place that I had to clean up. That was mostly due to my carelessness, but be warned that this thing easily has the potential to leave blue stains throughout your bathroom if you're not careful.

Kudos to the seller, who was very understanding that sometimes these products don't always work out for everyone and was quick to electronically process a full refund back to my original payment method. She communicated well and was responsive to my email.

One thing they don't mention in the Amazon product description is that Vacplus includes an offer to send you more of their products or an Amazon Gift Card if you leave a review for their product within 30 days and send them an email.
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