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Reviewed in the United States on May 11, 2019
I really liked this vacuum. It looks good, it's quiet, it moves with amazing grace and agility. It literally slows down just prior to bumping against furniture, walls etc, very gentle. This unit cleaned really well, battery life was incredible and the software with no go lines and zones were amazing. Loved watching where it was in the process as it cleaned. Also enjoyed it's verbal announcements such as telling me when it was returning to the base. This unit is attractive with a nice quality look and feel. The filters are washable, this was a really nice benefit. I did a lot of research and found that a lot of credible reviewers give the RoboRock s5 high marks in navigation and features. I did end up returning mine only because I was not comfortable about future servicing of the unit. For instance ordering accessories like the main brush, side brushes, filters.. I was referred to a few sites but it was confusing and learned the main brush was not in stock. The machine and tech appear to be of top quality but what if something does go wrong? I may regret returning it but I do like knowing where I can get support and want a simple, secure way of ordering accessories that are either OEM or need/exceed mfr specs. The Roborock customer service team responded to my requests quickly and professionally.

UDATE 5/14 - I had the Roomba I7+ for a few days and did regret returning my RoboRock. I couldn’t help but compare my options to the RoboRock - quiet, agile behavior and features. The Roomba I7+ is really nice, no doubt, but about 40% higher cost without the features that I really liked. I missed the RoboRock. I returned the Roomba and re-ordered the RoboRock. There was a special coupon for the s51, rose gold unit - I would have reordered it without the discount. Now my only concern is that this robot doesn’t scream pink, fingers crossed! I highly recommend this vacuum.

5/23 - update - whew, rose-color is ok and more importantly, definitely not pink- it looks good. I would have preferred the white version but there was a nice discount on the rose-gold model that made it impossible to pass up. Upgraded to five stars. Support has been super responsive, the vac (after trying out a Deebot 930, Roomba 980, roomba i7, and Roomba i7+) has managed to check all my boxes (ease of use, cleaning results, not too loud, good for pet hair, ability to create zones and no-go barriers). What is really impressive is the navigation - very smart. It is truly agile and does not ram into things. I have a number of rugs - a couple are fairly thick - and it navigates these well. I’ve paused it, moved it, bumped it and it always finds it back home to dock. Washable bin and filter are a real plus as well. The brushes, main and side, stay a lot cleaner than what I experienced on the Roombas. I don’t have any long-haired pets, so while it does great with cat fur and a low shedding 15 lbs Yorkshire terrier mix (picks up a ton, no brush issues) the roombas vs RoboRock may fair differently with long hair - not sure and for my needs, I don’t care. My unit stays clear of tangles and issues. The roombas caught hair/fur in the side brush and the main brush and needed to be cleaned after a few runs, not a big deal but the RoboRock has not demanded as much attention in this area. It did lose its brush cover on one run, think it might have happened when wrestling with a floor vent cover. I may not have securely fastened it the last time I took it off, but will stay alert to any repeats. So far it’s been great glad to have it back!
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