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Reviewed in the United States on May 30, 2019
My son is two and a half months. Which means, it’s taken me two months to find a brand of diapers that works for him — not to mention, a stupid amount of money too.

My son has super sensitive skin. I was also in labor for 37 hours, receiving penicillin the entire time, so my gut flora was wiped out and now the little guy is prone to yeast rashes. We had Pampers by the closet full all ready for his arrival, but they immediately made him red (and stuck to him. What’s up with that netting?). Some friends of mine gifted us cholorine-free, corn/wheat diapers. Those didn’t breathe well. We also tried Pamper’s Pure, Kirkland/Costco diapers (which are Huggies), and Seventh Generation Free & Clear. Nothing worked to (1) keep the contents made to be inside a diaper, actually inside, (2) maintain breathability, and (3) keep his rashes in check. That’s when I did some digging and decided to try Andy Pandy.

From the get-go, I loved this diaper. My kid is in the 95th percentile in height but he’s only 24th for weight. I have a beanpole! Diapers seemed to sit just over his little butt crack yet barely make it around him (even though he was 5lbs under their top weight). The Andy pandy diapers are high-waisted. Whew! On top of that, they wrap around him and they are SO SOFT! That was my favorite part! Especially for such sensitive skin!

Beyond that, they definitely allow his area to breathe.

We ran out at some point and I ended up flipping back to try a few other diapers from these previous brands I mentioned. I hate them even more now. My Little instantly got red. So, I went on the Andy Pandy website and began a subscription (you’ll save a few bucks that way). Totally worth the extra dough, to keep my little guy from hurting anymore.
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