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Reviewed in the United States on August 13, 2018
I will edit this review at a later date. Till then this should be considered an initial review only.

Just got this NAS to help me backup my photography as well as give me access to all my files on the drive while away. This drive does all I need it to. I had it setup within minutes. I've read plenty of reviews saying the setup was a hassle. Not true, at least not for me. I didn't have to forward any ports. I just plugged it in, let it setup, and was off and running within 5 mins or less. When I transferred my entire photography folder (119 GB alone), it took it roughly 25 - 30 mins I'd say. Really wasn't rushing it due to the hard drives are NAS drives and it was trasferring over a network so its not going to be lightning fast unless you got a gigabyte connection, or even then, your not gonna get the speed like you would if it was internal. But for me, this little NAS works great.

Noise -
I did see a couple of reviews that said it can be loud. I don't like the sound of my computer running at night so normally I turn it off, With this, I didn't notice it was even there. It has a power scheduler built in to turn it into hibernate mode (I think, haven't tested this), but even leaving it on regular powered up mode, its quiet enough to be discrete.

Why 4 Stars?
I have to side with 4 stars only because I think the interface is a bit disorganized. I think they started very well or maybe they've been improving over the years but the interface doesn't seem efficient to me. You have to switch over to multiple tabs to get the job you are trying to do done. The functionally is there with this device though. It has a great amount of features that are working great and i'm looking forward to using it to its fullest potential.
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