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Reviewed in the United States on November 7, 2019
Waited a while to review this so I could actually see if it is a good pair of shoes. Had them for about 7 months now.

Weekday use is for a two walks a day with the dog totalling about 3 miles on the sidewalk. Weekend use is normal (grocery and around the house indoor tasks). Note that these are NOT my yardwork shoes. I use my prior tennis shoes for that to keep these clean.

Now that that's out of the way... I would not recommend these shoes. While they are still in use and able to stay on my feet like expected, there have been many annoyances.

1) Beyond any shoes I've ever owned, these shoes fray. I have clipped off dozens of threads. More than any other shoe. 7 months in and still clipping.

2) The internal foam on the sole is wearing very unevenly. I know I'm going to have indentations where my heel is. Every shoe does. But again, more than any shoe before, the sole wear is not as expected and sometimes my foot feels lopsided.

3) From day 1, there have been random hard points on the edges of the soles. These jab my feet during walks until I go in and clip them. VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. I shouldn't have to clip the insides of my shoes!

I've kept these shoes in hopes that the troubles are behind me. I keep getting disappointed... While not 'end of the world' horrible, I won't be getting them again.
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