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June 30, 2016
I just got this thing yesterday, assembled it, and gave it a quick test run, so I'll have to report back as to durability, but these are my initial impressions.

Assembly: Could not be easier. There are only 5 steps to completely assemble what comes in the box, and the parts for each step are individually bagged and labeled "Step 1", "Step 2", etc. The 4 tools that are used for assembly were also included. The entire process took maybe 30 minutes, and was exceedingly easy and straightforward. The completed product felt considerably sturdy, considering the price. This rower is certainly low profile (as most are), and the process of folding it up to save room while not in use takes no more than a minute. I like how the product looks both fully laid out and folded up. I would consider this a visually attractive rower (relatively speaking).

My quick test run revealed that the seat and the resistance through the handle were both very smooth, and the machine was also very quiet. No squeaking whatsoever, even at first use. The digital display is very basic and runs off batteries, so no electric outlet needed, but I wasn't expecting a highly technical display at this price point.

So my initial impression is exceedingly positive and I am very pleased with my purchase at the outset considering the purchase price of the product. Now let's hope the thing holds up.

I wanted to provide an update after using this machine for 4 1/2 months. The machine continues to run smoothly and quietly. I'm 6'3" (with a 34" inseam, which is more important than your overall height when determining whether you'll fit on a rowing machine. The height of your upper torso matters not.) and 240 lbs and have had absolutely no problem. The resistance on this machine is from 1 to 8. I started on 3 and methodically made my way up to 8, which is where my workouts occur at now. Even at level 8, you don't have to be a bodybuilder to get 30 minutes in, which is fine. This is a cardio/toning machine. If you want to really build muscle, hit the weight room. The resistance continues to be smooth and even throughout every workout. The physical aspects of this machine continue to work very well and I have no complaints whatsoever.

The only con involving this rower is with the display, which is largely useless. Even just setting a workout for so many minutes can be a frustrating task. The displays guess at calories burned is barely an educated guess and is largely useless. The only thing you can count on the display for is to act as a timer, once you're able to actually set it (again, be patient), and to provide the number of rows you completed in a workout. And that's it. It's important you limit your expectations here.

So overall, this is an exceedingly solid machine for the money with a largely useless display. At this price point, I continue to be pleased. Happy rowing!
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