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Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2018
Let me start by saying that I can't imagine that there is a bigger Reacher fan on the planet than me. I wait all year with huge expectations for the next Reacher novel. I can't hardly even stomach most writers anymore, because of the incredible style of Lee Child. I listen to pretty much all of the Reacher audiobooks once or twice a year. I usually LOVE the books that deal with Reacher in rural backwoods America, and this book is EXACTLY that. That being said, there were 2 huge disappointments for me.

#1......I don't read the books anymore, I listen to the audiobooks. I think the voice of Dick Hill is basically PERFECT in his depiction of Reacher. When I heard that Dick Hill was not reading this book, I actually thought about cancelling my order. Reacher is not Reacher without Dick Hill. And with all due respect to the reader of this book, Scott Brick He done a fine job once I got into it, but it's just not the same. It was almost like hearing a novel from another author, it makes that much of a difference. Lee Child should be on the phone to Audible as soon as possible making sure they do WHATEVER they need, to get Dick Hill back on board.

2.......This book spent WAY TOO MUCH time on a second story line that didn't have anything to do with Reacher until way late in the book. I literally felt like Reacher wasn't in half the book, and that was tough. Maybe the different narrator made it seem more amplified, but I don't think so. There was just way too much of the book about the other characters.

I will anxiously await the next Reacher novel for next year, while listening to this one another time or two along with all the other Reacher books. (Maybe not as much on this one unless I find online that Dick Hill has re-recorded it.) And will keep hoping that Lee Child calls Dick Hill and offers him the moon to get back onboard.

Could have been 5 Star great without those issues for me.
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