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Reviewed in the United States on June 17, 2020
Pros & Cons
- Voice recognition
- Easy set up
- Wireless Connection
- Not bad sound quality
- Able to turn off mic
- No internal battery (Did not say it had one)
- Software has MANY issues (will go into in review)
- Sound is not SUPER loud
- Quality deteriorates at high volume

So I have not had this long, having arrived mid day the just the day prior (had about 1.5 days now) but I have had many issues with it. I thought it would be better, being the third gen. I'll start with the issues with it, and then go on to what I like.

I have been using it with Spotify, as well as a speaker for my computer. For Spotify, numerous times it has just not done what I told it. Its playing a playlist, I say "Play %s from Spotify", where %s is whatever, does not actually matter. It says Sure playing *whatever said* and then the music pauses for a brief second, and goes back to playing whatever it was playing before, with no change. The device heard me, recognized what I said, acknowledged it was requested to do it, and then did nothing. I would try numerous times in a row, and it would still not do as it was meant to (Again this is a software issue). Next, using it as a speaker. Numerous times it just stops playing sound. I change my speaker back to the built in sound on my laptop, and sound comes out, switch it back to the echo, and nothing. My laptop has no issue having sound come out, and the music is playing, the echo just refuses to output it. I have restarted the laptop, and messed around with the sound settings nothing changes it. I've changed what app the sound is coming out of, still nothing. The solution I've found, is unplugging the echo and plugging it back in, but I could have to do this even up to 3 times an hour. To me, that proves the issue is the echo, not the laptop. Of course, the issue is not always present.

So onto the good. The devices voice recognition is honestly not bad, but I would say if you have an accent, lisp, or mumble, it will have lots of issues. Now that may improve with time, but that I cannot speak to. The set up is easy, all it requires is the mobile app, or I believe it can be accessed via a web page. Their is many features/apps one can install so it may interact (aka Spotify). It does not need to be connected to ones phone to work, which is nice. It has a button to turn off the mic, so it will no longer listen/record. I quite like that, but I cannot speak to whether it actually does stop listening and recording, I'd almost be willing to bet it doesn't, but idk.

I got it with the special deal with amazon music unlimited, so I spent almost $10 all in all (one month music included). For that price it may be worth it, but I would absolutely not pay 40/50+ for this, especially with all the issues. As a whole not happy with the device so far. If anything changes, I will update this review to reflect.
I will say, their customer service is absolutely wonderful. I got a call from them with regards to my issues mentioned above, before this review even went live.
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