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September 29, 2015
The Rolling Stones' sixth studio album for their Rolling Stones Records label (distributed by Atlantic in the US and Canada and EMI elsewhere) entitled Some Girls was released in June of 1978.
After the mixed response to 1976's Black and Blue and the tour which saw guitarist Keith Richards get arrested for heroin in 1977 (while recording a live album) and their engineer Keith Harwood perished in a car crash after mixing the live document Love You Live (also a great album). Richards, as well as lead singer Mick Jagger wrote many songs to prove that The Rolling Stones would come back big and this was the first full studio album with guitarist Ron Wood. Some Girls was recorded in late 1977 in France and mixed in New York with Mick and Keith producing and Chris Kimsey handling the recording and mixing. Bass player Bill Wyman and drummer Charlie Watts played well on this album as well (as I found out when I first heard it in October, 1989 after borrowing the original Rolling Stones/Atlantic cassette and then acquiring it in November, 1989 on Rolling Stones/Columbia).
We open with the #1 hit "Miss You" which is a disco rocker (unlike many disco songs, this had no strings nor synths) and features some harmonica by Sugar Blue and a nice sax solo by Mel Collins. Next is the rocker "When the Whip Comes Down" which just rocks and (like the track before it) had Mick, Keith and Woody all on electric guitars. Next is the band's reworking of The Temptations' "Just My Imagination" which the band turned a sappy ballad into a killer rocker with some modified lyrics from Mick and a key change. We follow with the controversial title track which is a bluesy rocker and just rocks (the lyrics may be Politically Incorrect but to Hell with politicians). We close side one with another rocker "Lies" which saw the band embrace the punk movement as well as the disco movement.
We kick the second half off with the country number "Far Away Eyes" which had Mick mocking a southern man in the vocal and this is country done right with steel guitars and hillbilly accent done perfect. Then it's another punkish rocker "Respectable" which just rocks (was not a hit but it rules). Next is the Keith sung rocker "Before They Make Me Run" which is an excellent song sung by Keith. Next is the Top 10 hit rocker "Beast of Burden" which is a great song and would become a staple for the band. The band's ode to 1970s New York and punk scene "Shattered" closes the album and what a great middle finger to the punk rockers who thought The Rolling Stones were dinosaurs.
The Some Girls album did very well hitting #1 making it the sixth Stones studio effort in a row to top Billboard (where it reigned for TWO WEEKS, remember Saturday Night Fever and Grease dominated 1978) and was the second Platinum album for the band (now their best selling US studio release at SIX MILLION). This remastered CD is excellent and it also has all original artwork restored and credits.
In 2011, the album was expanded as a 2-CD set with more outtakes from the Some Girls sessions and some having new vocals added like "No Spare Parts" which its vocals were recorded in 2011 and is an awesome song. "Claudine" sounds like early Elvis but I dig it. "So Young" is a great rocker and has new Jagger vocals for this set. "Do You Really Think I Care" is another winner which has some country elements but a great song. "When You're Gone" follows and is a great bluesy rocker again with a new Mick Jagger vocal. "Don't Be a Stranger" is another catchy song with various different stylings like blues harmonica, reggae drumming and country and rock elements. "We Had it All" has Keith on vocals and was recorded in 1978 with Keith's vocal from the period and a nice ballad. "Tallahassee Lassie" is a great rocker". "I Love You Too Much" is another great rocker. "Keep Up Blues" is a great bluesy rocker. "You Win Again" has new vocals from Mick and Keith and is a great country rocker. "Petrol Blues" is a short blues but excellent way to close this reissue. The digipak comes with a booklet with story on album's creation and photos and credits.
This album is highly recommended.
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