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Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2019
 I almost returned this to seller as I wasn't able to get it to connect to my wifi. After getting an error message from the app to scan I of course called the help line. I hung up on two of the Indonesia people I talked to as the first wanted me to purchase security software for my router. BS.. The second time I told them I was going to through it away and they hu g up on me and the third time i asked for someone who could speak English. He said there all busy but he did attempt to help me which led me to going to and syncing it up there. After a few minutes of going through the links I got it to scan. Keep in mind I did restart my router before this but not sure if that had anything to do with fixing it. Anyway go to the link above and sign in with your amazon account and try that before the Alexa App on your phone. YOU WILL HAVE TO CONNECT YOUR WIFI ON YOUR COMPUTER TO Amazon Alexa Wifi. This is not permanent it's just to get your Alexa to connect on it's own. Kinda dumb and confusing. Don't expect Alexa to play Amazon music as it wont connect if it's not a paid service from what I gather. I have a free Pandora account which one can connect from the app then Alexa will let one play music from there once you give it permission to access your account. Plan on at least an hour to get the gist on how all this is done and once you get it working you'll feel pretty good about it and you'll be saying oh that so cool! That's cool too and so on. I'm about 30 feet away from mine in a bedroom and Alexa in the kitchen and she can hear my commands. The sound is pretty decent for such a small size hockey puck. You can get some free stuff such as woof woof for your dog and have a few giggle. (through the app.)
Please don't contact me on how to connect it.
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