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April 15, 2019
This is my third Labo set but the first one I've ever built. Actually I didn't build it, I controlled the instructions while my girlfriend built it, it took us about 40 minutes to build just the goggles (we didn't build the blaster yet). 40 minutes for $40 working VR, it's a must buy. The instructions couldn't be easier and more user friendly, having a helper is the way to go as it streamlines the entire process rather than watching, doing then watching and doing. We both enjoyed the build process.

Sure, the clarity isn't the best, but it's still really good. Both my girlfriend and I wear glasses and the goggles fit just fine for those who are blind without glasses. The goggles are very sturdy, which one might not think with these Labo cardboard pieces. Using both a safety cap that you build along with fabric stickers help keep your Nintendo Switch securely in place so there is zero worry of your console falling out of the goggles. But you can get Nintendo Labo tape to secure this build even further if you're worried.

We just spent an hour trying a variety of games (64 in total if you get the full set), there are games like jumping to break blocks, hockey bomb (like soccer dodge ball that explodes) a jumping platformer Mario style, some racing games (which you attach the joycons to the console and hold it that way) shooting hoops, boomerang, etc. And in Labo fashion they have what they call "garage" where you can design your own VR games, we didn't try that yet but from what I've seen from other Labo sets, the garage feature seems to be very popular. The graphics are good, not great, maybe not as immersive as some would like, certainly not on the same level as PSVR or Oculus, but those cost a lot of money and this, like I said, is currently only $40, that's a steal as far as I'm concerned because not only is the end product a working VR set, but the build process for those who love Lego or building models, that just adds to the fun. There's also 33 demo videos that are pretty good and are nice for sharing with people who've never tried out VR.

A lot of people are stating that it's odd there is no head strap, you have to either hold the goggles with one hand and use a joycon in the other, or for some games attach both joycons and hold the goggles that way. For all these mini games that's totally fine, none you'd really play for more than 20 minutes or so, neither my girlfriend nor I had any issues holding up the goggles. Though Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild with both soon have updates that support VR (all of Zelda will be VR compatible which is incredibly exciting) so those may be a bit harder to play without a head strap. I love that Nintendo is adding VR features to older games like Mario and Zelda, who knows what else may get this feature, Mario Kart, heck maybe even the Skyrim port since they've already designed Skyrim for the PSVR. And if you have kids, what a killer way to have fun building and introducing them to VR. If you have a Nintendo Switch, $40, and about 40 minutes of times, you won't regret getting Nintendo Labo VR. This comes FULLY APPROVED.

Update: 4/29

The updates for Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are now live. I've not tried Mario but I have tried Zelda, and while the frame rate isn't the smoothest, and the image clarity is muddied and blurry, it's still amazing. The world of Hyrule is much more immersive, tall mountains and vast valley's, heck even text that pops up while talking to inhabitants of Hyrule looks great. The overall effect is of playing in a 3D world, some have been disappointed that this didn't get a first person treatment but I'm ok with that. I don't want ever VR game that gets made to be in first person, you can still have an immersive experience in VR playing a third person game like this. Now I "had" to buy a headstrap to be able to really enjoy this. I ordered a great 3D printed one off ebay, and while it frees up your arms to be able to use the joycons, the switch itself is rather heavy attached to the front of your face, especially when strapped on, it kinda squeezes ones face. But without a head strap, this game is almost impossible to play, you need the joycons detached and set to motion control so you can get the full VR Zelda experience. If you have Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and have Labo VR, you need to play this immediately.
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