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June 20, 2018
This thing is awesome!!! Kinda pricey though. Good thing it didnt hit the $200 mark or else I wouldve gotten an Orbi. But this definitely does the job. I have never had 150+ mb/s download speed outside of my house. It was always between 30-50 but that was with the powerline wifi extender from netgear PW 1010 I think. Not only does this unit do a great job, but it also looks like a piece of high tech art, LEDs are kinda bright but I like that and kinda use it as a nightlight in the living room. The set up took some time, maybe about 20 min or so, but after that I walked around the house to spots I know are bad, and this extender kept me going. I did a speed test at the "sore" spots and it was real impressive, it wasnt half the speed of my main router like im used to, it was pretty much the full speed. I think it has something to do with the processor in this thing and also because its a tri-band, but whatever it works great. I highly recommend it.
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