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Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2019
Darling, if you aren't a fan of A.L. Jackson yet, get on with it. Pieces of Us can be your start of many other books. Yes, she's that talented to get me reading all her books. So, Pieces of Us was a must read and obviously I loved it. I'm usually not a big fan of second-chance books, but for A.L. Jackson I make an exception.

The book is about Maxon Chambers and Izzy Mae, two childhood sweethearts. A love that went so deep even when they were young, but not everything was meant to last. Maxon Chambers was born into a family that will never win the medal for best parents. Crime hugged him close if he wanted it or not. So, in the end, it got him to lose the woman he loved and she ran away with a broken heart.
I'm a sucker when it comes to a mystery aspect in a book. I want to know what happens. It makes me so curious I end up reading a book in one sitting. Pieces of Us was a book that held that aspect. It's toward the end that you finally found out what broke them up first place.

Thirteen years later and both their lives have changed completely. Izzy returns back to her hometown, Broadshire Rim. She has no penny to her name, no job, and two adorable children, Sebastian and Dillon. Maxon Chambers too has changed. He's a detective with his moral compass showing the right direction. Maxon Chambers is caring and protective of all he holds dear. He has a beautiful house, good friends, but still, loneliness and a sense of emptiness houses him. His attraction to Izzy is still alive and when he caught a glimpse of Izzy, he can't get her out of his mind.

Of course, it's inevitable that the two meet again and they do. In a supermarket where Izzy cards get denied and Maxon ends up buying. Right away it's clear how much to two are connected. A history they both carry and a love that still runs through their veins, but it's discolored because of the hurt and the lack of trust.

"Love always hurts, Izzy Mae. That's what makes it so important."

But Izzy hugs a secret close to her and finally, it's time to reveal that one thing. So that's why the two keep on meeting to figure things out. And of course, to heal and fall in love over again. Both of them are complex and understanding their struggles is easy. I can understand why Izzy doesn't trust Maxon anymore or why she's afraid to get her heart broken again. At the same time, you understand what's Maxon' standpoint is. But no matter what you want them to find their way back.

They held so many love. Glimpses of their pasts enhanced it even more. A struggle of protecting the heart or loving wholeheartedly is very much present. A sexual chemistry that left me yelling to the book that they should get freaky right this second. And just a second of appreciation, how damn sexy is Maxon? Take a look at that cover, it takes my breath away.
I felt extremely connected to two. I was their one number fan for them to get together again.

"Loving you was the only truth I knew," he grated. "The only thing I ever did right. The only thing that has ever been real."

The side characters were amazing too. I loved Izzy's children. They were absolutely adorable and I wanted to hug them. I loved the little cameos of the characters from the other books of Confessions of the Heart. Izzy's parents were amazing and I want to visit Broadshire Rim right this second.

I believe that A.L. Jackson is one of the better writes in the genre. The way she writes is rather poetic and holds my heart the whole time. She can add so many different aspects into a book and it still fits wonderfully. I believe that Pieces of Us is a gorgeous read. One I recommend to everyone who loves the second-chance stories.

If you do end up reading this story, let me know what you though.
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