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Reviewed in the United States on October 25, 2010
I always begin sizing up a book by that first page. And our man, here, knows how to write. Nice surreal start (dare I say like the Sound and the Fury), oh, why not. He's not Faulkner, but he's a damn-sight closer than most schlock genre writers. I think I read he writes screenplays. Well, he can write, and you don't feel the book "boinking" you on the head, yanking you out of suspended disbelief. Nice touches of humor. A bit of Dan Brown without the endless snaking plot killing you, but there's conspiracy, politics and enough "stuff" to keep the brain pushing forward. Our main-man-vampire, Cade, is a very unique vampire from most of his brethren and sister'n in the cistern. The author has him young and a bit priggish with a foul humor. The author has a nice way of putting our undead Hero (2 heroes, actually--one alive, one dead) into gristly shape, and at one point the human hero drags him away for R&R, vampire style. I say, it's well worth the Kindle price, and I'm picky. I'm a writer, and I know when it's pure mierda and not, and this is.... not. It's not a perfect book, but vampire books and horror flicks don't have to be literature and Criterion films. Our author has worked a near miracle: written a vampire book that doesn't insult one's intelligence and doesn't bore you either. Vampires are the perfect vehicle for drag'n around what's hang'n around in the Zeitgeist, and our author makes good use of it... them... the undead. Are they theys, or are they its? Depends on the temperature of the tits.
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