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The manufacturer commented on the review belowJune 4, 2018
I bought this drive to use exclusive with Plex, I was under the understanding that my cloud home was an upgrade to my cloud and it is not. WD advertises that Plex can be used, and it can, but terribly. To use plex server you sacrifice over half your Plex membership features, your load times are super slow, and most importantly if you buy the 8tb version for some reason you lose 1tb for software or whatever it is it thinks it needs.
1tb of storage? yup, and I'm still dumbfounded on why any drive thinks it needs 1tb of space.
I would have taken this back or sent it back but by the time I loaded 5tb of videos and got Plex setup it was like 3 weeks and my return time was up. My WD cloud is so much better, faster, and should have bought another one. I'm very disappointed and would never, ever, recommend this to anyone using it for Plex or want speed or even don't want to lose 1tb of storage you paid for.
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