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Reviewed in the United States on September 27, 2017
This vacuum is great if you want to schedule your cleaning time based on the charge in your vacuum, rather than scheduling your cleaning time when you want to.

This vacuum is great if you have housemates who ALWAYS plug it in after using it. I don't.

This vacuum is great if your housemates ALWAYS empty it right after using it. The dust bin is tiny, so every 5 or 10 minutes, you need
to empty it. Emptying is fast, but you have to do it or it'll clog. My housemates haven't figured that out, so it clogs.

Otherwise it's a pain in the butt. The user interface is a single blue LED. You can never tell how much (i.e. how little) charge it has, except that when you try to use it, it stops running. Usually just when you need it to ($*$()#)_@ work because you have people coming over. Sometimes it runs in short spurts that don't actually pick up any dirt; this is a bad user interface designer's signal for "vacuum is clogged, time to disassemble it looking for big hairballs".

The "regular" mode is so wimpy that even though I try to use it, I often end up switching it to "Max" mode. Which burns through the battery in SIX MINUTES. Even in non-max mode, you get a total of 20 minutes of vacuuming, then you need 3.5 hours to charge it. That just doesn't work if you set aside a morning for cleaning a bunch of rooms. It dies in the first hour, then you can't vacuum until after
lunch. But hey, you didn't really want to clean your WHOLE house at the same time, did you?

The manual claims that every month, you should wash the filter and then LET IT DRY FOR 24 HOURS before reinstalling it in the vacuum. Be very careful about how you schedule those washes -- because you won't have access to a vacuum for 24 hours!

This vacuum refuses to run when plugged into a wall outlet! You'd think that at least they would offer a charger that can RUN THE VACUUM at the same time it's CHARGING THE BATTERY. Sort of like your laptop, or your phone. But no, they didn't design it that way.

Get one with a cord.
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