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March 31, 2019
Completely disagree with negative reviews. I got a clinical psych degree at first university to have a LGBTQ program and do NOT think this is exploiting gender-identity issues. That is such projection it mind-baffling. It's not a perfect movie, but it's worth is notable. The acting is quite good, it's creative even if adjustments could have "perfected" it. There's a bit of a Groundhog day (insofar as someone living a new day over and over in a sense), and "All of Me" where actors have the double task of playing themselves and then that character with a different spirit in it. This actually isn't an easy task as an actor, and it's done well here. And while I love French films, dramas, etc., it's positive and clearly simply illuminates the ability to look past the exterior, labels etc. But don't make it into something it isn't! Sometimes an apple is just an apple. This is NOT a gender-identity film. How could someone literate or educated think this? There is so much projection and knee-jerk offense, that you can tell these people are walking around with a chip-on their shoulders. Give this movie a try, cut out the PC nonsense and relax.
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