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March 14, 2017
Upon receiving my bag, I scrutinized it and it appears to be real. The seller for mine is The Watch Company. I saw a few negative reviews stating that they received a fake. The thing is, Amazon lumps different sellers into one page (annoying), but that's the kind of thing you need to look out for. Some sellers are more reputable than others.

As for the bag: I walk A LOT. exercise, commuting, sightseeing... my feet see a ton of mileage. I need to have something big enough to carry a few small things plus a water bottle, DSLR, and still have room left to smash my hoodie in if I get too hot. however I didn't want a big backpack -- they're too bulky and hot for exercise, too frumpy hanging out around town, and they just scream "tourist". since the fjallraven is in style right now, it suits my needs perfectly.

a couple of (minor) cons: I wish there was one more zipper pocket on the inside to help stay organized. also, the side pockets are narrow -- not big enough for water bottles. and I hate that they don't have zippers (I don't want to worry about things falling out). but they are deep enough that they'll hold things like glasses and phones securely as long as you keep the pack upright. (my iphone 7 fits perfectly, even with its case.)
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