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Reviewed in the United States on April 14, 2005
For those who don't know, Harvey Birdamn is based on a short-lived character from the golden age of Hanna-Barbara studios. It seems that Harvey wasn't able to make it as a regular superhero, and has launched himself a carrer in law.

From the first episode, "Bannon Custody Case", I was hooked. This show is truly one of Cartoon Networks most authentic gems. There are two episodes that simply must be played over and over; "The Dabba Don", where Fred Flintstone is an alledged mob boss, and his lifestyle seems to follow the Sopranos a little too closely, not to mention the references to classic mafia films, including The Godfather, and Goodfellas. The other is "Shaggy Busted", the live action bit with the cop-cam is priceless. "Death by Chocolate", in which we learn the real truth about Boo Boo Bear. "Very Personal Injury" resurrects another lesser-known character from the golden age of Hanna Barbara's stable, Apache Chief. Can anyone say "McDonalds"? I cannot possibly say enough about this show, and am pleased to see that Cartoon Network finally released it on DVD.
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