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Reviewed in the United States on May 7, 2018
ADATA has a good SSD here. I always advocate for the abandoning of standard hard drives in any PC as they are superior in every way except for dollar:gigabyte value. That’s why ADATA’s SSD is such a good buy. I replaced a laptop hard drive which was absurdly slow with this SSD. I went from seating the hard drive to fully installing Windows 10 in about 20 minutes. That’s mind-bending fast when I think about the 1 hour install time I had to deal with previously. SSDs dramatically improve the reading and writing of information to the storage device. Instead of a spinning disk which only spins so fast you get the same technology used in RAM as your long term storage tech.

Everything about this drive has met expectations. The only ding I can give it is while it’s very affordable, it’s also not exceeding any performance expectations for those that might be on the hunt for a super performer as a system drive. It writes way faster than a standard hard drive but there are drives that write/l and read faster than this drive does and are expected to last 3-4x as long. If you are like me and just wanted a budget friendly SSD to put some new life into your PC, ADATA has perhaps the best bang for your buck in the 128GB range. I didn’t opt for the value-friendly 256GB version because I don’t plan on storing much data in my laptop. If that’s something that you might need (more space), look at he higher capacity options. Otherwise this is a great buy and unless it fails me (it’s running great after 48 hours of almost always being on) I’m very happy with this SSD!
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