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Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2020
I have been using Echo devices for many months. There is good and bad.
7 Echo home devices
1 Echo Auto
4 Smart plugs
6 Smart lights
1 Fire TV

The good:
* The new generation is fairly easy to set up. Big improvement from the original devices.
* Voice recognition is very good, even from across the room.
* Sound quality is great for a small device.
* Improvements in speech pattern and recognition are continuing. Very noticeable.
* Smart Home integration is great: Using Routines to automate tasks is the best feature.

The bad:
* Set up can be problematic, and very annoying if your wifi signal is not excellent.
* Connecting to Bluetooth speakers or other devices is problematic. Audio will stop, even though the stream is still running. Requires restarting either device to establish audio
* Bluetooth devices can disconnect randomly, may or may not reconnect.
* Settings such as ‘preferred speaker,’ are seldom honored.
* Default music provider seems to do little if anything.

The VERY bad:
* Support is virtually nonexistent. I have spent months dealing with the bluetooth connection issues. Have called in twice, to Initiate and follow up on support request, that go through the same troubleshooting that I have already done. Problems continue. Asked to provide more information, no response. Twice told I would get a call back, no response. Was informed that we need to start the process all over from scratch.

I work in computers and technology. Almost forty-years experience. Have installed and configured more than three dozen Echo devices. Very solid troubleshooting skills and multiple devices to test all possible configurations to determine which the issue.

Is there anybody at Amazon that understands how these things are supposed to work? Someone who can look into these problems?

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