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April 19, 2018
First , I would like to say that I don't generally like writing reviews, mostly because I don't think my opinion has ever been so great that it would actually help someone. But in this case, I am making an exception. My husband has suffered from serious sciatic pain for years. He has a demanding physical job, is tall and thin. He has zero tolerance for prescription pain medicine, and Advil takes him only so far. We have been in emergency rooms twice, used cheap and expensive tens machines, ice, heat, lidocaine, aspercremes, icy hot, you name it we have tried it. Nothing touches it and what results is him being basically a pain ridden invalid for days on end, making me his maid and caregiver (which is no picnic for me as well), I love him, but jeeez... Anyway, he didn't want a back brace, but I purchased this one anyway. I was desperate. I purchased this one because another review from a wife said it worked so well for her husband that he wouldn't take it off! So, I had hopes but no illusions that this would work for him. He complained about it being stiff and uncomfortable in the morning, but left with it on anyway. Eleven hours later, he's home and in good shape, standing upright. He was amazed at how well it worked for him. He now uses it almost everyday, and we are both delighted. He has said that it offers magical support in all the right places of his lower back, and supports him so well he can sit on a forklift for long periods without pain. This is a giant thank-you to the makers of this product. I can't tell you how much it means to me to offer my man some needed relieft and in doing so, made my life much easier as well. This wasn't even that expensive, completely reasonable, totally effective. Debi Kelly.
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